Thursday, March 25, 2010


Extra points for knowing the picture was HEAD EAST "FLAT AS A PANCAKE" in yesterday's ratings flash. Pretty flat, we are starting to see the division point between entertainment based Country stations and music oriented Country stations. Flat performances in markets where personalities were down sized and replaced with out of market talent, not making a local connection. Big morning shows make Country radio - Not name, but presentation skills.

PPM fans can argue all they want that there is no morning drive "real" usage until 7a, not true they are there at 5a in diary and recorded monitoring of morning radio. These big shows are being snapped like a left over winter twig. CBS making morning show changes in Seattle and Houston. There are two sets of morning shows, the old school, Country oriented morning shows, bathed in P-1's of the format and the music world. Then we have the Mainstream Country, entertainment based morning shows with productive usages of technology.

In 6 months or less, you will see a distinct ratings difference between entertainment driven and music - Country radio presentations. The more contemporary, but relates to the life group, with a sprinkling of redneck will win. Winning morning shows will be live and local. One of the best lessons I learned was, when you go non-local, you lose the connection and the chance to promote what you do.


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