Monday, March 1, 2010


So RIGHT BRAIN CONSULTING and LEO BURNETT COMPANY did this years CRS 2010 study and 37% of the respondents said they want Country radio to "go deep" with the library., Do you know what a nightmare doing this would create for Country radio?

This has been around since the invention of formatted radio, the same attitude. When we follow these directives, we drive off the cliff and crash. Could you imagine a hit-based Country station taking on a real variety approach to the music programming. First of all they need to quantify what kind of variety? I worked in album rock radio for years and heard the same thing, "You play the same artists and songs over and over". In any controlled, format exchange, you will always hear this.

We might keep the music hit-based, tight for cume and expand the personality or stationality of the station; Dynamic morning show that reaches the life group, imaging that makes sense on a life group and or comedic level creating TOMA, marketing and promotions that drive the brand and less reliance on the music trends that are going to be around as long as radio will be.

There will always be a smaller percentage than the mainstream that our out-spoken for something on the radio that we don't provide. If we were non-commercial and listener supported, it might be a good idea. But ratings work on the process of short term listeners converted into long term listeners. They like their favorite songs and thats why they listen. This is female driven format - Men tend to want older music, less repetition, more variety, less talk....Remember: WHAT WOMEN WANT IS WHAT WE DELVER!


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