Sunday, February 28, 2010


  • Achievement - It is nice to feel like something is accomplished or completed. Repetitive work, where nothing seems to change or ”happen,” makes people feel like they are not accomplishing anything and they begin to ask, ”what's the point?”

  • Possible Solutions: Set goals, introduce variety, put in place rewards or initiate a little healthy competition. Another way to break up the routine is through cross training.

  • Recognition - Often people feel like they do all of the work and get none of the recognition. On the flip side of not receiving recognition, employees may begin to believe if nobody sees the good things I do, what's going to make them see the bad things?

  • Possible Solutions: Employees should be personally recognized for their individual or team accomplishments. Find ways to make employees feel like a valuable team member as opposed to an anonymous cog in the machine. All employees should feel value and appreciation from the front desk greeter to the CEO.

  • Responsibility - Responsibility goes hand in hand with accountability and recognition. If people don't know what they are responsible for, then how do they know what they are suppose to be doing? Moreover, how would they have a sense of responsibility towards the team?

  • Possible Solutions: Clearly define expectations and designate each team member an area of responsibility that is related among all members.

  • Advancement: It is hard for people to get motivated when they feel like they have nowhere to go. If there is no room for advancement, the employee merely punches the clock until they can find something better.

  • Possible Solutions: Implement career paths and opportunity for advancement. This is especially applicable in large companies; small companies may not have room for formal avenues of advancement. Make career paths logical and based on merit, not based on favoritism or personal relationships, these kinds of advancements lower morale.

  • Respect: Most people spend more waking hours at work than with their families or doing things they enjoy. They feel like they are sacrificing their life to work or only work so they can afford their life. Recognize that employees are putting in eight to twelve hours of their valuable time each day for the company. If they are hard working, yet do not feel respected, soon they will be calling in sick, looking for another job and not caring about production or the development of new ideas.

  • Possible Solutions: Being marginalized, under appreciated and disrespected at work is a big deal. Sometimes all it takes is an acknowledgment, a personal thank you or an unexpected reward to improve attitudes. 

  • Pamela Stevens


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