Saturday, February 13, 2010


Is not a song or imaging piece, but a sales tool called "Client Needs Analysis". I was consumed by the late Frank Magid's tool - The 4-Point Marketing Model that I was introduced to, when putting on a history making Country station with RWPC and Citadel. The marketing model is like the "Declaration of Independence" for the radio station. Everyone signs off on the agreed direction on both a marketing and programming model.

Problem: Not enough attention paid to the marriage of the programming and sales plan for the station in the marketing model. Then along comes CNA (Client Needs Analysis). Used in sales to target year-long ad budgets and have the client participate in the relationship and the ad planning. It guides the client and the media representative towards success and is a focused sales effort.

Interesting that this could be applied to a union of programming and sales to further increase the ad profits. Write a LISTENER NEEDS ANALYSIS and use to make sure the station is on the mark for peak periods of the year. Sales Managers should be using this to target earmark client's ad budgets as their own. Buy in from every participant is required. The strategic plan or marketing model is the strongest tool in the development of a radio station, where there is deviation, there is failure. The CNA translated to programming/sales could be vital to the success and validation of growth.


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