Monday, February 15, 2010


It's just a fact, who ever leads the pack at your station will have an effect on the whole vibe in the building, specifically in the hallways.  Example; if you have a GM whose pants are too tight for lack of better words,  the employees will walk on eggshells so gently that their artistic and creative juices are sealed.  If you have a PD who has no passion, even if you have plenty of it--it will drain you and the rest of the staff.  Some PD's and GM's have a moronic pre-conceived notion that we can just turn our creative MOJO on and off like a light switch.  What do we look like??  Entertainment prostitutes?  Pay us 10 will make you smile, pay us 20 and will give you a little extra?!?
It DOES NOT work that way, artistic and creative talents need inspiration and energy to keep that MOJO flowing.  If you need to re-tap your fun and creative side for your next meeting get party hats, horns, and cupcakes.  Another hum drum remote?  Make it BIGGER-FUN, video games, corn-hole, a dunk tank with the morning show, just be sure it's something memorable.  
Your radio station is not a funeral parlor sir, so crank up the music!!  Stir up the energy! HAVE FUN!  I promise if you do these steps--the vibe will not only come across in the building, it will also translate on air.  If you have to think about the last time you and your staff had fun--it's been too long and you need to do these things immediately, or I can't save you and neither can anyone else!


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