Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday Morning Meeting for 1-6-10

Jaye Albright made an interesting point a few weeks ago. Jaye points out that the country P1 audience now evenly splits the age brackets between the Taylor Swift and Reba generations. This is truly great news for country radio for the year ahead. In 2010, there isn't a single format other than country that can successfully span the generations and target a wide array of lifestyles. And country's reach doesn't alienate the genders either. Let's look at some other formats:
CHR: PPM shows that 25-54 is digging it; falls off 35-64

AC: Alienates guys; life begins at 25+

Rock: Alienates gals; most stations can't attract young and old

With Nashville delivering its best product in years and many stations stepping up to the plate with compelling content, country stations should expect to be top three on most buys in the months ahead.

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