Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mike Vincent is downhill all the way Chuck Geiger

We caught up with The Wolf San Francisco's Mike Vincent about his latest venture. This can really help with new business development for lacking revenue departments. Grab the ski's and poles. About our service: We are the nation's #1 provider for snow and ski content with over 1100 AM, FM, Internet, and New Media affiliates nationwide. Some of the big names we serve include ABC News, ESPN, Yahoo, and hundreds of radio markets coast to coast who use our service for top-notch "network quality" ski reports. Mountain News is a totally independant news service which is not affiliated with any ski association.

What we are able to provide: Radio ski reports of any length, totally customized to your standards. Tell us the resorts you need, what days you need them, what you would like as your billboard, as well as any sponsorship information) and your report is uploaded EARLY in the AM by one of our network reporters into our mp3 module. Your station's contact person will be emailed when the report is ready for download. (Our system is totally compatible with the "radio spider" automatic radio retrieval and download system.) In addition, this audio can also be uploaded to your station's website for podcasting. With this package comes our free "website widget" which is easy to add on to any radio station's website. Get up to the minute ski information at the click of your mouse, and what's more, if you add "get to our website for more information" on your ski report, it will draw even MORE traffic over to your station's website.

The Cost: FREE, NOTHING, NADA! This is a barter-free, trade free, TOTALLY FREE service. All you have to do is sign the operations log telling Mountain News when the reports will air (and they can air whenever you have room, even overnight!) and you will have total access to radio reports and the free website widget. Since we do not sell ANY advertising or spots within the report, your station can sell the report to your heart's content, and we will include all YOUR sponsorship information inside the station's report.

More details: Contact Mike Vincent now! 925-254-4456 ext 112. The snow has never been better, winter is dumping new snow everywhere, and the resorts are booming. This is THE WAY to jump start your first quarter with instant revenue and important content that is listener and FAMILY friendly! (Just like Country Music!)

About me: Senior Director of Broadcast/Content for Mountain News Corporation in Orinda, CA. I took this position 3 months ago, and am still part-time/swing over at KBWF in San Francisco. Before moving to the "left coast" I was APD/Afternoons at 93.3 WFLS, Fredericksburg, VA from 2000-2007, and I was at 107.3 WRWD in Poughkeepsie, NY from 1992-1999.


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