Tuesday, January 5, 2010

THIS AIN'T YOUR GRANDMA'S STORM REPORTING A visit with Dan Holiday From KFKF Kansas City

I had the great pleasure of working with Dan for a cup of coffee at KZSN WIchita when I first arrived as program director in August 2003. Dan moved onto KFKF after 11 years as MD/Air Talent, APD/Interim PD at KZSN. He is going on his 6th year at KFKF. As a dedicated broadcaster, you've had a deep interest in meteorology, how do you combine the two?

Since I was in Kindergarten, I always had a deep love for radio and a fascination for weather.  When I was 10, some friends and I built a small radio station in my room that probably only broadcast for 1/8 of a mile.  When thunderstorms would rumble over open country, I would broadcast weather updates on the air.  I don't think anyone could pick up the station.  So much has changed in both radio and weather since then.  But the one thing that hasn't changed is that everyone can relate to the weather and people still turn to radio to know what the weather is going to do. 

Tell us about Dan Holiday Weather and The Storm Report, you have some great markets on board?

Dan Holiday Weather is a team of folks who are passionate about radio and weather.  In fact, everyone on board has been an on-air talent AND has training as a forecaster or education in meteorology. 

My program director at KFKF, Dale Carter was the first to inspire me to provide the service and the first to add it in Kansas City.  Our team is doing forecasts in Columbus, for Cox Radio in San Antonio and award winning KNCO Radio just outside of Sacramento.  We're about to add a group of stations in Kansas for severe weather coverage which will put us in the heart of tornado alley!

The Storm Report is a daily vignette that educates the audience on severe and unusual weather facts.  For many stations it has become a tool for them to generate new revenue by selling it to roofing, insurance or construction companies.
I know how important weather was living in The Midwest, primarily Kansas, KFDI built thier image on breaking news and weather reports.

KFDI is probably one of the most unique radio stations in America when it comes to covering the weather.  They own the image because their innovators, Great Empire Broadcasting began reporting it as far back as the 1960's and 70's. They interrupt regular programming for Severe Thunderstorm and Tornado Warnings and EVERYONE turns to them for information.  They don't just read warning information and go back to music.  They send their news team into the field to report what's happening until the warning expires.  It's almost like tornado play-by-play and it is some of the most compelling radio I've ever heard.  In April of 1991, Wichita and Andover, Kansas were hit hard by a large tornado.  There is no doubt their storm coverage saved many lives. 

As you grow the service, tell us about how your localize and interact with prospective stations and current ones?

When we add an affiliate radio station, they become family.  We learn their market inside and out; landmarks, festivals, sporting events, people and places.  We become part of the radio station's staff.  I feel our difference is that we can interact with the station's on-air team live, provide breaking weather updates if a big storm moves in, and automatically update weather around the clock including weekends and holidays even if no one is in the building.  We also supply station staff members with a cell phone text service to keep them informed on changing weather conditions.

How do folks contact you to grab a demo or hear the service?

We're represented by the group at Radio Afffiliate Syndication and Services.  Our demo is posted online at www.radiohelp.us orwww.thestormreport.com.  You may reach Scott Gilreath at the network by calling 920-468-2099 or by e-mail atScottGilreath@radiohelp.us.



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