Monday, January 4, 2010


Today marks the start of NEW GENERATION PROGRAMMING, a full-service programming advisory team. I've partnered with Chip Miller in Memphis, whom I've known for a quite a few years as a solid programmer with creative arms in programming, ownership and a keen sense of business skills. NEW GENERATION PROGRAMMING has three tiers of offerings: NUTS AND BOLTS, LEAN AND CLEAN and THE WORKS. Kind of like a car wash gone mad. The economy is tough and to pay for programming services is even tougher. We thought about that and through NEW GENERATION PROGRAMMING, there's an app for that.

Welcome to 2010 and NEW GENERATION PROGRAMMING services. A new frontier in AC, Classic Rock/Hits, CHR and primarily Country radio programming advisory. Obtainable marketing and promotional revenue, direct programming implementation now available in your market, for your multiple format group and Country station.

NEW GENERATION PROGRAMMING becomes your partner in programming and business revolution. Country radio is changing and the format isn't a 25-54 family-reunion any longer. It's much more targeted and focused. Reality: The life-group is younger and more active musically. There’s a changing of the guard happening. AC, Classic Rock/Hits and CHR have distinct and unique sounds that need constant attention to detail and product punctuation. The sales targeting and programming process needs a new blue print.

To reach your format life-group coalition members with your station, it needs to be vibrant; listener induced and have a full throttle sound that is not just magnetic to the format union, but converts listeners from other formats and competitors. Rated or un-rated, small or large, it’s all about listeners and customers.

THE WORKS Full service programming advisory from two former major and medium market Country and other format programming experts: Chip Miller from Capstar, Clear Channel, Citadel, CBS and CEO of Southern Star and Chuck Geiger from Capstar, Citadel, Clear Channel and managing editor of FULL THROTTLE COUNTRY. Instructional with instinct.

LEAN AND CLEAN Express programming advisory from Chip and Chuck based on your needs and requirements and where you want to grow and go. Regardless of the format, our advisors our immersed in Country, Classic Rock/Hits, AC and CHR ideology and execution.

NUTS AND BOLTS Complete station programming from air talent, imaging to liners and promotions. Perfect for smaller stations who need to focus on sales initiatives. We take care of the programming and product platform. Especially helpful to the President/Operator who wants a larger than life sound on smaller stations.

Over the next few months, we would like to get to know you and what you desire from your product. or and


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