Thursday, January 14, 2010

RE-IMAGING IMAGING FOR 2010 (Conclave Webinar) Chuck Geiger

The 24th Conclave Webinar with Jay Philpott was amazing yesterday. Jay gathered Rich Van Stye, Voice-over talent, John Frost audio architect of KROQ and Frost-bytes and The legendary Bobby Ocean gathered in cyber-space for a rousing conversation with Q&A afterwards.

In the start the only imaging was jingles and then produced promos, sweepers and breakers soon followed. Rich said "If we took the hours of imaging on our radio stations and put a price on them, it would run into the thousands of dollars each week." John said "We want them to remember us through observation, irony and humor." Osh said "Associate product and listener using imagination." Creating mental pictures. Rich went onto add "Audio is better than a video or TV picture."

The group went onto to comment on the collaboration between the PD and the imaging director. It is the PD's duty to speak in listener language, using cool, hip new words and phrases and inject what Ocean called "Pattern Writing." Production that uses strung together words in a quick and short burst: EXAMPLE: Problem, Escalate, Resolve. It's tough to make street language and vernacular authentic. You can't hype any longer, mo more YOU HAVE TO BE THERE THIS SATURDAY. Conversational mannerisms are the key. Avoid three note phrases and drawing out words in voicing imaging. 

"PPM doesn't like any halts and stops, the panel was quick to dispel the myth that everything has to be quick and short. The answer to PPM-era imaging is good writing and emotion, like 25 years ago". said Rich. "If PPM is squeezing out the creativity, keep the human element involved. Less mechanical" adds Ocean. The Houston PPM research from a few years ago argued that long elements cause tune-out and the panel was quick to point out, that TV promos are long and they have been electronically monitored for 25 years. TV promos increase ratings by promoting shows.

We are in the "Deadwood" era of PPM, we should now with around 30 markets, be getting enough data to answer these tune-out questions. Do elements need to be :05 in length or shorter to avoid tune-out? The panel agreed they have to be entertaining. Ocean said: "Switch delivery from attention grabbing to conversational" and "Promote what's coming-up and learn from TV and the web on how to write and execute promos."

Bobby went onto say in promos, "Music supports emotion" Great point again from Bobby: "Era-era, some universals will travel and corny material is more memorable for the water cooler." The best line during Q&A came from Bobby Ocean, he said when they would write and produce promos, the biggest questions is: "What is the purpose of the communication?"


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