Friday, January 15, 2010

“Are You Being Followed?” Finger Candy Friday from @JessicaNorthey

Are you being followed? I am, by more than 40,000 people and am often asked how I do it. Honestly, it's not rocket science. However I do refer to myself as a SocialMediologist. "Social" meaning a "friendly gathering," "media" meaning "a form of communication," and "ologist" means "one who studies a subject." I get results because: a) have a follow strategy and b) let my Socialality shine. Just like your Personality, your Socialality should reflect you or your brands unique attributes including behavioral, temperamental, emotional and mental that give you character! For a Radio station this will be closely tied to your format!
 If you focus on your message and target people you share common ground, you WILL get results with Social Media! Social Media is perfect for anyone who wants to control their brands message or create a Network of Support and be heard by thousands of targeted individuals with potential to reach millions.

You need to have a strategy as defined by your own unique Social Media needs and goals.  How do you target your followers?  It’s going to be difficult to target on Facebook without purchasing advertising and Facebook has  strong privacy settings now. Facebook Fan Pages rely on viral marketing. There are great tools for MySpace that can be bought to auto follow targeted people but MySpace seems to have lost its pace. OR you can use Twitter for FREE. With a great looking page and a link back to your website you can increase relevant visitor traffic, improve search engine optimization, increase brand awareness and find listeners all over the world.  Not to say that you can't just target local but with streaming and the Internet Radio why not take your brand to the masses.

Here’s what you do:
1.) Go to any Twitter directory:, or
2.) Put in your search criteria: You can use location, industry, keywords, other radio stations.
3.) FOLLOW the people that are following people you share common ground, interests, geographic location etc. (with streaming and radio stations your format is a great choice to look for potential followers.) Do this evenly.  Only follow 50 people from each person, business or keyword. I use some free tools to do this as well.
 4.) There are Twitter imposed limits. Twitter has the 2,000 and 10%-of-followers limits. Newer accounts cannot follow more than 2000 people until your follower count gets up to about 1850. Once your account goes over 2000, you can only follow 10% more than your follower’s number. Example: If you have 2000 followers, you can follow 2200 people. This is why to grow your account you need to continuously unfollow the people that are not following you back. So to get past 2,000 followers, unfollow those who don't follow you - including Ashton, Britney, Demi and Ellen (However you can put them on lists you create with Twitter’s new list feature).
5.)You can use, Twitter Karma, to Unfollow. I have used all three and they are all great. DO NOT do this too often. Aggressive "Churning" is against Twitter's Terms of Service and it will raise a flag and you can get in Twouble ;)  Radio stations and artists have a HIGH follow back ratio (the ones I have worked with about 95%) so you should be fine here.  Once or twice a week should do and you are not talking about more than a hundred in the beginning.  I usually do it on Saturday or Sunday's and Wednesdays.  I have the highest follow rates on Mondays and Thursdays.  You will start to see patterns and determine what works for you.
6.) Make sure are consistently posting content that is reflective and aligned with your Social Media Goals and Strategy. Everyone hates "bait and switch" so be true to your Stationality as it relates to your Socialality.

 If you are not utilizing Social Media to its full extent you are the missing opportunity to grow your own voice!
Things to keep in mind about Social Media:
-it helps you control your message
-it is not meant to sell, it is meant to influence
-it helps increase your brand and product visibility
-it will increase website traffic
-it increases Search Engine Optimization
-it is ALL about conversations
-it serves as a trust builder
-it allows you to identify potential crisis situations and respond appropriately
-it’s free and entertaining
-it is cost-effective
-it compliments other marketing efforts
-it gets your message out faster to a huge audience

Jessica is the Social Media Editor for Full Throttle Country-Country Radio's newest full-service and free interactive idea sharing and new media on-line service. She has over 19 years experience including Radio, Television, Internet and Print Sales as well as an On-Air Radio personality. She is an Entrepreneur who owns servicing all website needs including domain names, hosting, SSL Certificates etc. She specializes in big ideas and is known for the ability to create complete marketing campaigns and bridge marketing partnerships. Her company Finger Candy Media provides social and new media optimization planning for businesses, brands and individuals.


Even if you are starting from scratch or have already created Twitter, Facebook, a Blog or any Social Media Platform accounts, we can work with you to design a comprehensive system with synergy and content that provides an interactive experience for your audience. There is not a "One-Size-Fits-All" answer and prices vary per individual project!


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  1. Great blog post. Twitter is a great way to increase website traffic. I
    use Twitter pretty much everyday. Thanks for posting the links to the
    twitter sites, I never knew about those to be honest. lol