Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I'm glad that there seem to be glimmers of hope for the radio industry. Owners are starting to pay top dollar for top talent and programmers again, an investment that will surely translate into a great product in the long run. The print industry however, struggles to remain a player, hemorrhaging eyeballs to the Internet at an alarming rate.

While print continues to work well for many categories of advertisers, it seems to have much less pull for advertisers of "family" and "children's" events these days. With many parents depending less on children's publications and more on the "mommy blogs," fewer and fewer ad dollars are being spent to promote family events with print.

So now that we've identified where America gets its information, it's dangerous for companies to put all their marketing dollars in one basket. Online advertising is targeted, but not as efficient as radio. And online ads alone still don't quite cut it for mobilizing masses for marketing events. We're recommending a combination of radio and online ads for clients these days--online to reach the target and radio to reach the target and beyond. This strategy is working well for non-profits, event groups, and tourism organizations. So call on those prospects who are spending a fortune on a Google PPC campaign or on big ad and see if you can get on the buy. They'll be sure to notice the results that radio continues to deliver.

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