Thursday, September 17, 2009


Well, we got what we all have been wishing for. Steve and the boys have included us in the latest iPod update. Or in Apple parlance, the latest iPod profit stream. Of course, as the Arbitron Meter takes over it won’t mean much unless the hardy meter carrier decides to go to Rube Goldberg U and learn how to hook up the device that allows the Meter to pick up your signal over a pair of iPod earphones. Then there’s that pesky “content” thing. You know, the thing that is becoming an endangered species over the last couple of years due to cutbacks, layoffs, early retirements, or whatever you choose to call the neutering of our industry’s ability to produce compelling content to compete for our listener(s) attention. What to do, what to do. Let me make it easy for you. Here’s a short checklist of things you will need to be able to compete with all those apps the typical iPod owner has at his/her fingertips whether your fate is being decided by the Meter or the Diary. A morning show capable of causing listeners to talk about it to other perspective listeners. One that it is local and talks about things meaningful to your target audience in a way they find interesting, sometimes funny, entertaining, informative and that consistently strikes an emotional chord in the listener. Music that is mixed to fit the particular daypart. It should be meticulously edited to create both the perception of variety and the emotional mood the listener needs for that particular time of day. Contests that engage the listener. No “10th caller wins” allowed! Personalities throughout the day that engage the listener. If all they do is play the songs and read station promo cards you will lose. Station imaging that (along with the personalities) makes the station a can’t miss part of your target audience’s day. It’s a relatively short list, but any good programmer knows their job is a life’s work, parts of which never cease to evolve. The winners/survivors understand this evolution and are usually on the short list of those that cause things to evolve. Bob Glasco Glasco Media 480-540-3707

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