Monday, August 17, 2009


This meeting of The We Still Love Radio Club is now in session, is there any new business? We are members of a secret society, if you have a drive and love for radio and "the game". We have to meet in secret or our love for radio will come under scrutiny from the average "Joe's" in radio today. You know them, they voice track and eat lunch in the lunch room together everyday. Voice track and eat lunch - We would never, ever do such a thing. We don't even bring cell phones into the studio when we are on the air. I got off on this tangent today chatting with another hard core radio freak. Most of my friends are "off the deep end" radio fanatics. We network and still talk about audio processing and frequency moves, coverage maps and signals. We talk about imaging, sweeper components and clocks, formatics, talent breaks, morning shows and more. Does anyone talk about this in the open today or will the secret monitors hear you and send you off to the radio concentration camp? The last few jobs I had, most of my problems were; I couldn't talk to anyone I worked with about radio. They didn't understand the radio I knew. Small-medium market ego sensations who built their talent around remotes and talking about who they golfed with on the air. Most of the problems became problems when General Manager's stopped being radio heads themselves. This cross section of talent built breaks on appeasing these managers and they became sacred cows. Manager's would tell me they are indespensable and bring revenue to the bottom line. Our secret society is still there, were waiting for all the "Johnny come lately's" to get bored and leave. Maybe we can meet in the halls of the station and not in a cave, when this mess gets better.

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