Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I am writing for my clients and thank goodness everyone has Twitter and Facebook accounts. I'm learning pretty quick that you can't immerse this is in "me". When talking about TWITTER, you have to follow Phil Collins. Follow you, follow me is the key. I'm writing "tweeters" or Twitter sweepers and making sure it's a two-way street for the listener when they hear and respond to these. The best way to sell these social media avenues is through the station web site. All of the clients have links to Face Book and Twitter on their sites. It gets you the web traffic and then refers them to the social avenues. TODAY'S COUNTRY 101.3 KZZZ, FOLLOW US AND WE'LL FOLLOW YOU NOW - TWEETS WELCOME AT KZZZ.COM Bob Glasco of Glasco Media recommended that you build a list of the most accessible and frequent tweeters on your web site. All your P-1's have to do is click on and follow. You need to promote this: KZZZ ON TWITTER, FOLLOW LADY A, BLAKE SHELTON, REBA, CRAIG MORGAN, GLORIANA AND MORE - GET CLOSE TO THE LONGEST LIST OF COUNTRY STAR TWITTER ACCOUNTS NOW AT KZZZ.COM I love the line KMLE Phoenix uses, The Kamel Nation. WFGF Lima uses the line Frog Nation. Calling the audience a buzz word handle and using it in the writing accomplishes a two-fold. It names the web site club or users and this can be used to discribe the users of the station. FOLLOW THE KZZZ NATION AND WE'LL FOLLOW YOU AT KZZZ.COM - FACEBOOK, TWITTER AND TEXT APPLICATIONS


  1. Q93 in Knoxville uses the Q Generation which sounds young and sexxxy! We have listeners call my office phone and say who they are, where they are and that they are part of the Q Generation.

  2. Paul always great stuff from you - Thanks

  3. Hey wouldn't a Twitter Sweeper be a Tweeper?
    just saying :)