Sunday, August 16, 2009


Most of the time we hear nothing more than "The latest from Toby Keith" on KZZZ. Alan Burns reported we aren't even wrapping ourselves around the music in his content study for CHR and AC. How can we do a better job of tying the music to the audience? We have to approach with basics. With more voice tracking and less live phones, we loose the effect of really talking to Melanie in Metro Heights that called for American Ride and why she wants to hear the song. How do we replace the listener? Don't - Keep the music tied to the listeners. Was Toby recently in concert or coming to the area? That takes care of one-level. No one said this is easy - There is a problem with tying the artist to concerts and the audience. Too many of these and the air talent starts sounding like they "hang with the stars". if you do a "Toby concert break", try this: "We all hung at Toby with the KZZZ Toby section and all of our listeners loved the show". Don't use the recorded artist audio, it sounds like a commercial or syndicated show to the listener. But there is another great tool sports announcers use and I never hear it on the radio. Tell the audience, "Last night we got a chance to hang with Toby and he told us he loves KZZZ and Metro Heights listeners. He loves playing here and heads over to the Crown Club after the show when he can". Boom - As John Madden would say. You most likely didn't hang with Toby - But last time I checked this is cinema and theatrics and we sell images. Now when you play AMERICAN RIDE you have some more ideas other than the latest from Toby Keith.

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