Saturday, August 8, 2009


I spent the day attending a job prep boot camp put on by The Fresno Bee, ABC-TV 30 and Fresno City College. The times have changed and just about everything you have learned about the application process, the resume/cover letter and the interview has changed. The professionals putting on the seminar/boot camp were from quite a diverse background, a local CEO spoke, Fresno City HR Manager, educators who work in the HR field and others. Steven Geil who is the CEO of the Economic Development Commission of Fresno County made some great points. He said "don't kid yourself, this is a recession". He went onto say, turn your termination into determination. Don't worry about losing the job, focus on getting the next one. Get back to basics, reinvent yourself and make yourself marketable and needed in the job market. He told us "Know your strengths, your experience and knowledge has value". He talked about starting your own business. Put together a four-point business plan; How to manage, operate, fund/budget and market your business. As simple as it seems, these HR experts told us, people make many mistakes in their approach to job hunting. Bad grammar in cover letter, resumes that looked like grade school children put them together, not knowing enough about the position in the interview. We can learn a lot from this session, applying for employment in radio. We take it for granted, E-mailing hastily put together packages, thinking our talent and prowess will get us in the door. Not so true with hundreds of applicants for one position. Only 1 out 30 people send thank you cards, 1 out 10 have no errors on thier resumes and cover letters. Great food for thought when you hit the skids again on Monday. Please let me know how I can help, if you have any questions or would like a copy of the great power point they gave us on resumes, cover letters and references.

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