Sunday, August 9, 2009


Ready to head back tomorrow with a NEW ATTITUDE? I get choked on power statements and positive quotes too. Sometimes, you have to have a power of positive thought to get passed the mire of negativity. Monday is always a drag day, especially in radio. We get to hear what went wrong over the weekend at remotes, on the air and what the MM heard and reflects his or her's comments in meetings. I hear now, with so much voice tracking and automation and no one in the building not many comments these days. Take Monday and make it plan and implementation day for the week. Find new ways to write imaging copy, to work with the talent, to build up the database and use the material. Make it day that sets the tone for the week. Check out some great ways to get through Monday at work: - Stop Whining: This is an energy-drainer, so make up your mind not to do it. Does it help you? No. It does nothing and just builds stress. - Accept the Upcoming Week Will Contain Change: This constant in business and in life often is a source of stress. When you’re open and flexible to change, you reduce stress, and the passion starts coming up, which means you’re more productive and effective. - Do What’s Important First: The hours of 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. are often the most productive. Be ready to defend the morning strenuously from meetings and email, so you can get the most important work of the day done.

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  1. Robin Marshall made a comment about your note "AVOID MONDAY BLUES":

    Helpful hint from Robin: Clean your desk best you can on Friday, and Monday turns into the 'dream day!'