Saturday, June 6, 2009


My dear friend Bob Glasco introduced me to the process of developing the four point marketing model in August 1997 when we put together WCTO Allentown. It came from Frank Magid who consulted television stations. The key managers assemble in the conference room or a hotel to develop the components of what will become the radio station. This is absolutely essential to have a plan that is agreed on by everyone. The General Manager, Program Director, Consultant, Sales Manager and Group PD need to be involved. You might as well forget it if you don't get buy in from all of the above. I was involved with the four point marketing models in Allentown, Baton Rouge, Charleston, SC, Binghamton, Harrisburg, Scranton and Little Rock all for Citadel over six years with the company. Plan for a long day and take copious notes.
As a group, what is the goal of the radio station; Are you a flanker or do you want to be 5th? Nobody wants to loose or plan to loose. So the goal needs to be examined by taking into account the complexities of the market, signal, staff, corporate commitment to the project and honest achievable goals.
GOAL: Top 3 25-54 (6a-Mid M-S) Fall 2009
The sales manager, general manager and corporate has to forecast revenue and this usually helps as the guide or barometer to the successes or failures. Target is simple, who is going to listen to the product once it's on the air or the revamp takes place?
TARGET: 25-44 Women (60% Female/40% Men)
Product is the most complicated part of the model. This defines the components used in the process of the radio station. Morning show, music, marketing, etc. This is where we saw most deviance from the plans we designed. Example: Most Country stations today have become 2000+ music based with less reliance on the 90's. Any more than 1-2 90's titles per hour in the clock preparation would not parallel the plan. Product is where the spot load, remote compliance, whether the morning show will endorse clients and etc. are all put in writing.
PRODUCT: Consistent marketing, strong morning show, well produced and imaged radio station that just happens to play Country music. Family and female the station and brand through transmitted and received passion and creativity. Friendly. An up-beat presentation helps the position.
The product and position work hand in hand to accomplish the goal and define the target. The position becomes an operational mission statement.
POSITION: TODAY'S COUNTRY- Has a fun, entertaining attitude that makes you smile and feel good. Our morning show will be known as the entertainer in the market. Our motto will be predictable, unpredictable. Impeccable brand management.
Once the marketing model is complete and signed-off, it becomes the operational bible for the radio station and as the station grows, any problems, discrepancies or nuances can be solved by reverting to the model. This is the best day in the life of radio station ever spent. It becomes clarity in a sea of madness. More program directors would still be employed today if they would've prepared and executed the model.
SUNDAY - What kind of cool Summer programming are you doing? - Please don't tell me the 97 Days of Summer!

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