Thursday, June 2, 2011

Social Media is the new vehicle for cause promotions

Use to be adventurous morning men would get an idea on the air with the listeners and it would spark with the community and over the next few hours money and supplies were raised for disasters and related. Now radio (except in come cases) sits back and doesn't react to local, regional or even national problems. Why? Too much work and not enough people. That's what they would say, in reality they don't have the desire or drive any more to do these events. 

Check out this local Fresno woman through her job is asking for supplies through her business. Her business was just on the local news and her uncle has a shipping business and they are driving the supplies to Joplin on Monday. Blankets, kids toys, car seats and more. 

A Clovis woman with ties to Joplin, Missouri is organizing a relief drive for the people who have been left with nothing. Kayla Christiansen has an uncle living in Joplin. She said when she first heard of the devastation, she wanted to go there to help. Instead, she's doing her part here in the Valley by collecting items to send to the Midwest.

For the last two days, Kayla's uncle has been sending her photos of the damage he's seen. He has been working alongside rescuers, trying to find survivors. What she's heard -- and he's experienced -- is hard to imagine. 

"When they were digging through the Home Depot store, there was a dad that was holding all of his kids. They had all three died and the dad still had the tightest embrace on his kids, even though they had already passed. And its just stuff like that... it just makes me cry," said Christiansen.

Tuesday night, Kayla's uncle spoke with Action News, describing the storm's aftermath and the couple's efforts to clear the damaged hospital where his girlfriend works as an R.N. "Going room to room, trying to see if there's anybody in there... patients or hospital staff. It's just pretty overwhelming. I can't believe it," said David Hills.

In a conversation Monday, Kayla's uncle asked for her to collect supplies for the people of Joplin. She started mobilizing help immediately and eventually turned to Facebook to help spread the word. So far, the support has been incredible. Kayla's uncle works in the shipping industry and is making the arrangements to get whatever she collects to the people who need it most.

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