Thursday, June 23, 2011

Media pitches in new position

I am now handling media relations as part of my marketing duties at Unique Orthodontics in Fresno and Clovis. I have heard the spectrum of media presentations from newspaper to television and yes radio. Most of the account executives are trying to get you to buy into an existing package and claim you have exclusivity in the category. The reason you have sole proprietorship is simple: No one else has bought the over priced package. 

The doctor I work for is a smart cookie, with a great background in business marketing. He listens to the pitches when I set them up. He also flat out tells them what he expects and what he can pay. Only one local radio company did a needs analysis to determine where to go with a presentation to us. It was OK, it included a morning show endorsement on the local leading Country station. Two television stations and one local Spanish radio group urged us to look at the medical minute type programming that is suppose to make the doctor look like an expert. 

We haven't found anything yet that makes us jump up and down. Two television stations, local newspaper, local magazine, classified paper, three radio groups and still waiting for our ship to come in. 

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