Monday, June 27, 2011

Life after radio!

Yes Virginia or Meet Virginia (Train reference), there is life after radio. I have talked with a number of professionals who have developed careers after hanging up the Koss Pro-4's. Rob Walker former programmer in Seattle, Little Rock, Ann Arbor. I just read Tim Dukes, former Clear Channel and Tribune star is headed to Dallas to help run a company that helps folks with the second leg of their careers. Where were you Tim when I stumbled for two years after radio? Getting stuck in dead end sales jobs.

I still read about folks that tell me they have had enough and they are taking some one's word on another radio job that will fizzle due to them not being a part of someone else's plan, making too much and the budget doesn't support that for the next year, or they plain get cheap and have the pimple face kid from promotions run Ryan Seacrest. 

I loved radio and still have a fondness for it. There is nothing like rockin' the box, listening to a killer sweeper or nailing a great phoner. I just have a problem with the people running radio stations, stuck in a retarded business plan, trying to hit unobtainable budget numbers with a inane way of selling and  marketing the product.

I have a friend who is a major market Country PD and we have a great developing friendship on Facebook. My wife says "Why don't you ask for a jock job". WHAT - I'm 56 years old. Most 56 year old air talents have been at the same station for years or still on the air. Do you understand the words coming out of my mouth: No!

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