Wednesday, June 22, 2011

First Alpha and now Merlin!

Good to have some new operators who put quality programming first and then a dominant sales position second. Randy Michael's new company Merlin comes from the loin of the great Emmis, which ran for years like a top. The early speculation with great team members, is for Q101 Chicago and WXRP New York to go FM news-talk under Walt Sabo, with John Gehron heading up Chicago. Doesn't look like Randy grabbed the Clear Channel team from Tribune, most of them have moved on. 

Next move is the lease to a Spanish group on 93.9 in Los Angeles (former KZLA and Movin) with Emmis is coming up. Will Merlin grab this outlet up? You bet. You start a new company and your first three markets are 1-2-3. Randy always liked Country, so we are all hoping, like Larry Wilson there are some Country formats done right popping up soon in the Merlin family. Merlin's blood lines include Jacor and Emmis and Alpha's the former Citadel. These have to be good. 

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