Monday, May 2, 2011

Summer fun and music sonic style!

Summer is the time to really heighten your imaging components and the sonic sound should be taking shape to scream fun and showbiz. Recording at station events, club gigs and outside of the station right now for Summer is essential to great imaging. Some cool in the pool ideas for Summer imaging:

1.) Have listeners record answers to weird questions and edit them into lines like: Listening to New Country 107 makes folks feel like: (mud squishing between my toes down by the creek, a tall cool glass of lemonade, etc.)

2.) Country Time Lemonade type promos: "Remember the swing down by the waterhole with John Franklin in 8th grade? It's Summer once again and a good Country song conjures up those sweet memories"....

3.) Memorial Day Weekend - Race theme and The Barryville 500 from New Country 107. 500 biggest songs and they don't have to be old. Good idea to bring in some of the rested 90's songs again along with the troop of 2000.

If you have some great Summer imaging ideas, we want to hear from you.

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