Wednesday, May 25, 2011

See ya to CMR

More folks each day are saying goodbye to Country Music Radio. How do you top Randy Bubba Black, my good friend and radio maniac, after 13 years at KATM (The Mighty Kat) Modesto hangs it up. Brian Hatfield leaves Kiss in Asheville and Dave Daniels bolts from 20 years at KJUG. More and more folks are looking at the big picture and their families and saying "f**k it" - There has got be a better way to live. 

Daniels is going to work for an entrepreneur who is starting a 15,000 venue in the growing Visalia-Tulare area as Executive Director. Brian is heading outside of radio after two tours of duty at WKSF Asheville. Bubba and his family have decided enough is enough. When you look at ALL ACCESS and COUNTRY AIR CHECK, more headphones are being hung up. Folks don't have the fight left in them to argue, disagree, fight for what they believe in, manage around snags and come home with smiles on their faces. There is no win any more. 

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