Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Glad it wasn't me any longer!

I don't want to turn this into ALL ACCESS NET TALK where bitter ex-radio people talk badly about our business. I spent an hour on the phone with a former major market CMR PD who had a whirlwind time the last few years at his station. He went on and on about how the morning show wouldn't listen to him, driven by their own ego and not connecting with the station and listeners. How relaxed and laid back it is now, not having to deal with madness.

I told him he was preaching to the choir. Everything he told me I dealt with in Wichita, Fresno and Yuma. Ego-centered morning shows not wanting o tbecome part of the process of moving the radio station and their shows forward. Complaining to senior manager's that I was making them work (not really, they would tell them I am changing the way they do things that work). If it worked you wouldn't have a new PD telling you how to do your show and the fine points of success. Manager's don't listen to programmer's problems with morning shows. Most of them consider them to be revenue commandos and actually enjoy their ego-centric persona, it reminds them of themselves. Get a senior manager on  your side to help you with your concerns. Don't sweat this yourself or you will be driven crazy. Lip-service senior managers suck, ones who act concerned, but really don't care. They don't want to get involved. You need a Mike Wheeler, Scott Mahalick or Bob Glasco type that get it too and can un-stick something that's stuck.  

I felt sorry for my boy and everything he went through, but I am so glad it wasn't me! 

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