Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Gettin' Back To The Grass Roots This Summer!

Load up your arsenal with some cool programming ideas for the Summer. Ventures what will separate you from the pack of vanilla terrestrial radio. 

1.) Summer Prize Patrol - Van is out and about looking for folks listening to COUNTRY 107. When we find you it's cash or cool prizes and sample some drinks and snacks. Great way to introduce sampling for regional and national products. Bring your MP3 recorder with you for fun promos and sweepers.

2.) Bring The Show To Your House - Your morning show on Fridays throughout the Summer does the morning show from a listener's house. Use social media to create a neighborhood buzz. 

3.) Loose The 100 or 9 etc. From Your Frequency - US 93.3 in Fort Wayne is doing a great job with their find our 9 promotion. Loose your main frequency number and create a Summer-themed scavenger hunt to find it with clues. 

4.) Boot Scootin' Friday Night Party Patrol - Station van hits the local clubs and watering holes as well as parties at listeners houses. KZZP Phoenix made a huge impact with this in the 80's. Live shots from all of the places and keep going round robin all over town.

5.) Summer Of A Million Winners - Huge herald to wrap all of your Summer promotions under from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

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