Saturday, April 9, 2011

What I learned from Sixx grade

On the road this weekend, listening to Sirius/XM 160 Sixx Sense. This is Motley Crew and Sixx AM rocker Nikki Sixx's channel. It sounds great. The music mix is pure rock, i.e Five Finger Death Blow, Ozzy, Warrant, Chevelle, Mettalica and more. The music soundscape fits Nikki, unlike Alice Cooper's syndicated show, where he plays Forienger "Cold As Ice" and Gary Wright "Dreamweaver" and as a rock superstar has to talk about these songs. There are no backsells with Sixx, him and co-host Carrie Casem talk rock culture. Charlie Sheen, the hybrid Porche coming out and sports.

I started thinking they've dabbled with Willie Nelson and other derivatives on their Country channels. Maybe John Marks could talk Garth Brooks, Toby Keith or Brad Paisley into one of these channels. It's pretty simple to deliver, all tracked segments at the end of music sweeps. The music mix could be songs that fit the profile of the artist, cool imaging and social media channel connections.

Then Blake and Miranda. They could feature truck and ATV, motorcycle and outdoor news and information. Some food for thought.

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