Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Still rocky out there!

Talking to out of work brothers and sisters in Country Music Radio and they tell me it's still dark and dreary on the job front. And to top it off more and more talent and programmers are leaving positions everyday. One day last week there were 8 changes across all formats. Companies are moving at a snails pace to fill positions. 

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  1. Your right and it is sad. I was laid off on January 6th and sitting on the sidelines since. I see ads in allaccess.com for various openings in programming all across the country but not in the area I live in the Arklahoma (Arkansas - Oklahoma) area. I can't afford to move my family and there aren't that many jobs I am qualified for outside of radio. I do have my website up that has my resume to help get me out there more for people to see and hear my work at www.thebigjohnshow.com Hopefully, things get better and I get a new gig REALLY soon!!