Monday, April 18, 2011

Facebook Fan contests for CMR

KUPL Portland has given away everything from an I-Pad to Chipotle fast food with their Facebook Fan Contest. While hitting up GOOGLE to prepare for writing this, a lot of Sports stations where doing this and many in 2009 and 2010. We need to beef up social media marketing and contesting. BTW the contests can't be liners talking about contests on the air. Still way too many radio stations are using social media to post liners. 

The Facebook Fan contest is pretty simple at a select time, on social media and on the air, name the fan of the day and they win either cash or promotional prizes. KSEE Channel 24 in Fresno is doing a Facebook Fan contest for their morning news show. Here's one from Zang on-line radio:


Check out this new contest we are having on ourJust Hits & Zang Radio Facebook page!
Want to WIN a $50 American Express gift card?
All you have to do is become a 'fan' or 'like' our Just Hits or Zang Radio facebook pages then leave the comment "I Love Just Hits" or "I Love Zang Radio" on our wall. Every 100th person who leaves the comment WINSSSS!!

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