Monday, April 11, 2011

Jerry Del Colliano sums it up!


1.  What kind of music do listeners really want – even crave – that radio stations are leaving off their playlists.
2.  One strategic move above all else that can make a music radio station a big hit with their fans – not just P1s – and not just on the People Meter ratings.
3.  The thing even young people crave so much that they would turn on a radio to hear it.  Do you know what it is?
4.  What radio stations are missing that potential listeners want and can’t find on about 99% of today’s radio stations.


1.  It’s not the CD or the download that turns record buyers off.  It is this one thing.  Fix it and music starts selling again.
2.  A huge blunder traditional label execs are making when it comes to understanding the taste of the record buying public.  Label execs think they want this, when consumers actually want that! 
3.  A fatal mistake being made by the record industry has zero to do with the type of music they are recording and marketing and yet it is so major that if the labels could find the 3 new superstars in the next year, they would likely fail until they fix this.


1.  Fans will always go to see live concerts, right?  Read this and you’ll think twice. 
2.  Is there one thing that could become more attractive to the 80 million members of Gen Y than seeing their favorite music artists and bands live and in person?  I’ll name it.
3.  What does Charlie Sheen and today’s big music stars have in common.  Duh- it’s not winning.  It’s a major miscalculation about audiences that promises to backfire big time.   
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