Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wrap your arms around the future and get on with it!

Here's the quote of the decade: “Every time I hear McGriff the Crime Dog get another commercial [PSA] for free, I know we’ve got more work to do” on upgrading the ads heard in CBS streaming products – Dan Mason.From Tom Taylor and RADIO INFO. Scott Mahalick said this as well, while programming Entercom CMR's in San Francisco and Seattle. He masterminded a series of music promos for new artists and other non-commercial elements that ran during streaming stop sets. This isn't that hard, it just means the local team making something happen and some elbow grease. I got tired of the out of format songs playing with some sold spots on-line in Fresno and we produced a series of streaming only promos for the station in various lengths. Kris Daniels took us on a tour of Big Country 1027.com and it was pretty cool. 

Last month we talked about how to add other formats to your website and streams. You could easily cover and sell every format lacking in your market. Classical, jazz, alternative, hard rock, ethnic programming and more. All out of your existing digital playback system and music rotation system. Again it just takes some vision and some work. 

Mason at The NAB is Las Vegas went on to say: They fear that “maybe if [people] listen to mobile, they won’t listen as much on the air”, which is what PDs are instinctively trying to protect. Mason says that mindset “is what we’ve got to get rid of.” Because as his understanding’s evolved, he says that “working in tandem, you get much more media usage, and the appetite” for media just keeps growing. He says “we fought 8-tracks, then cassettes, CDs, Sirius and XM, and now streaming in cars is next.” He says Pandora won’t replace broadcast radio, either. CBS knows it needs to compete – “we want to be able to put a lot of product in cars.” That’s why CBS has invested continually in the umbrella site Radio.com. 

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