Saturday, March 5, 2011

Wrap up from Country Air Check

Seven Steps The Industry Should Take
Right Now

CMA/Coleman Insights’ new Country P1 consumer study provided
several valuable recommendations to radio and record companies. Here
are seven: 

1) Preserve your position by continuing to strengthen and
improve the product and product experience.
2) Commit to R&D by investing in innovation, artists, stations,
site improvements and the overall engagement experience.
3) Assert your leadership position through
aggressive advertising and maintaining brand strength, visibility and
relevance. This is not the time to be invisible.
4) Harness new media to
deepen the connection with P1s through your artists and radio brands.
5) Radio should develop smartphone apps, especially a wake-up app for
encouraging morning listening.
6) Focus your Facebook and site content
on what these consumers want, not on what you want. Too much content
is about you, such as DJ blogs, bios and photos. Facebook should be a
reflector of the P1s’ interests and needs.
7) Re-align your streaming
offerings to combat the burgeoning threat of Pandora through customization,
ease of use and fewer commercials

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