Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mr. Wizard time for this one to come home...

Tooter you don't want to work for Citadel any longer?
Remember the cartoon from the 60's about the turtle who kept trying different jobs and career paths and when the going got tough, he ask Mr. Wizard to bring him home. I have felt like that lately. I tried two different sales positions at the first of the year and have determined, no matter what kind of drive and energy I put into it. I can't close. It takes a bullish tenacity, I guess as tenacious as I am, it doesn't matter.

My life experience is 35 years on the radio and the last 15 in programming. This can only spread so even into the secular world. Marketing, promotions, event planning are the areas to try to parlay broadcast experience into. It boils down to one thing for me: I miss the day to day world of radio. I took it for granted and never knew how much I would miss the mess. 

I'm actually going to look at some programming positions and I will keep you posted on how the application process goes. I have some negatives to overcome - but we'll see. 

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