Saturday, March 19, 2011

Does your digital plan include streaming internet only radio?

Unless your Clear Channel, you can't buy your own PANDORA. But you can develop formats of music that might not be available in your market. These can be programmed out of your digital playback systems (Next Gen, Scott, Enco). I had this idea in 2007 when Clear Channel was spending millions on HD Radio. The better mousetrap here would've been streaming this audio instead of another sub-channel. It would be free and no special tuner would be needed.

Imagine being in a market with limited formats and being able to offer these missing formats on your own stream. You have another product platform to promote and sell. Other points to consider: Make these products like Pandora, Lastfm and others programming-wise. Sure they can't at this time select the music, but the they can sound very similar. CMR stations can offer legends type programming and progressive Country on several streams. 

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