Thursday, March 24, 2011

April Fools Day ideas

April Fools Day falls on a Friday this year and there are so many cool, thought out ideas you can do. Remember, never put the stunt into the news or report it as news. TRI from Radio-Info has the do's and don'ts.

 Don't fake the news. 
 Don't scare the listeners. (Paige says "You can play jokes on them, make them mad about their pets being taxed, send them on a wild goose chase to find an underground theme park - just don’t scare them. That crosses the Hoax Line.")
 Don't name clients. (Don’t say "our client is sponsoring a live remote at the nudist resort with prizes, games and free pizza.")
 Don't use semantics. (Being too cute about wording a prize can get you in big trouble.)
 Try to avoid drawing a crowd. ("If you say you’re going to have Britney Spears in your parking lot at 9am, don’t be surprised when 20,000 people show up, trample each other, and set fire to the station when they learn that it’s Britney Spears, a 93 year-old resident of a local rest home. It's best never to ask people to gather at one specific location.”)
 Don't say "April 1st." ("If you're doing a fake spot, say 'beginning in April'...that takes the spotlight off it being April Fools Day.") More advice to consider from other consultants as Friday, April 1 in the daily TRI Newsletter from

We did the DOG TAX at WCTO Allentown and it was huge. All dogs over 30 pounds would be taxed per pound starting in July. We had planted calls from lawmakers in the state Capitol's, local bill followers and of course tons of calls from dog owners. 

With gas at nearly 4 bucks a gallon, APRIL FUELS DAY is a great promotion to do. Sell gas for your frequency and make up the difference in trade for the service station. 

Make the event fun and memorable. Don't giveaway $100,000 and it's the candy bar, that just pisses listeners off. 

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