Friday, February 4, 2011

"You're Doing It Wrong!"

Chris Brogan wrote a blog post awhile back titled YOUR DOING IT WRONG. If you have ever heard me speak on stage or in person, I always talk about this revelation. It is as obvious online, as it is in real life that you "can’t compare your insides to other people’s outsides." It just doesn’t work. SO if your goals aren’t the same as my goals, than I am probably doing Social Media wrong, to youright?

Here are my original goals
-Become Music/Radio Industry Social Media Expert
-Make more connections
-Get 10,000 followers
-Blog Daily
-Make certain amount of money
-Be of service to others
-Give back to the Music/Radio community

I have achieved them all AND THEN SOME! You may think I tweet too much, or post too much, not enough, follow too many people, don’t like my blog, or the colors I use, the name of my company, think I am silly...but it doesn't matter what you think because I am meeting my goals and absolutely benefiting from the way I do things.

If you are a radio/music industry professional you will want to set goals and figure out what do you want Social Media to do for you? Are you trying to brand, get more listeners, interact with current listeners, build relationships, drive traffic to a website, sales, use for communicating?

When you decide what you are trying to do you can figure out who you are going to do it to, and how you will do it …translation: strategy! Figure out what Social Media platforms work best for your goals. Twitter is amazing at driving traffic to a blog or even a Facebook fan page, but you will have to get followers there. How will you get them? Well, for one, you can follow people that are following other local media outlets, especially your competitions followers.

What content will you post to attract followers on Facebook and Twitter? Will it entertain, inform, give a benefit to users, build relationships through personal contact? Some audiences are very comfortable reading blogs but not using Facebook or MySpace, others are more likely to want the convenience of microblogs like Twitter. The million dollar question is now how can you help people have a relationship with your brand through blogs, texts, messages, posts etc?

How will you measure whether you have met or are meeting your goals? There are great analytical programs for Twitter, Facebook and websites. You can find out your ranking in a geographic area. Ranking based on the hashtags you chose.  You can use sites like TwitterCounterKlout or SocialMention also Facebook has incredible insights on their fan pages!

SO, remember as long as you are doing it right for YOU and YOUR goals, what other people think is none of your business.

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