Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mid-week what's up

Time for another rip roaring edition of MID WEEK WHAT'S UP. Chatted with CMR guru Charlie Cook and he's settling in to his new role as VP/Programming for West Virgina Radio. He told me he glad to be doing real radio again. 

Congrats to Alpha Broadcasting and the Leader of The Pack, Scott Mahalick on KUPL being named best radio station in the 2011 Portland Music Awards. The leader says things are clicking for KUPL. They have the biggest fan base of any CMR station on Facebook.

Great talking to Tom Land today - They are looking for a morning show in Tulsa rapido to replace Skip Mafferty. Also chatted with John Thomas at KYGO, he is still looking for a Mile High Midday Maniac for KYGO.

We'll leave the light on for ya: Talked to Ken Anderson of WXTU Philadelphia, he's in a hotel room and Jamie Curtiss from The Wolf in Peoria, sleeping at the station, Old Man Winter is blowing snow all over the nation. Lots of CMR air talent creeping to the station, in hotels or staying at the station. 

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