Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Internet radio doesn't develop current music and new music seekers

The big news is Pandora's !00 Million dollar IPO and Mel saying Sirius/XM could offer the same service as Pandora and Slacker. One of the big problems with these services is the one-dimensional side of the service. If I suggest a song or style of music, it doesn't employ current or new music. The service is based on older or existing styles and titles. 

Mel told Radio-Info:  “We believe there are an awful lot of people who like the Slacker, Pandora, and iHeart services because [they’re] free.” But Sirius XM believes “a lot of that IP content is going to be running more and more commercials”, which will make it sound “an awful lot like commercial radio.” He says “We expect Sirius XM to continue to dominate paid audio entertainment"

The next developer of IP based music content needs to look at new music, current music and more contemporary styles of than searching for "One Toke Over The Line" and you get a bunch of Classic Rock songs and not progressive Country or Texas Music. 

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