Sunday, January 30, 2011

Real Country Music from Radio-Info

I cam across this posting from RADIO-INFO under COUNTRY MUSIC:

I wonder if a new Country network could be formed that would push nothing but real country music.  Something that would give the music industry a chance to revive country music and radio stations that wish to play country music an outlet to do so, I guess they would have to call real country music since today's so called country music is so messed up and blured, mixed, screwed up with other types of music that there is very little country music left in it at least on the radio and TV.  
This is a real problem when stations like mine try to keep a "real" country format with a lite mix of today's country and have an almost impossible task of finding new country music that still sounds like country music.  A new country outlet "real country" that would allow current country singers/preformers to do some real country music and promote it to the music industry so that that part of the general public that is basically being ignored in the music industry could have some new "real" country music to listen to.  

This group of the population is really still pretty large and covers many age groups, all you have to do is read different posts on the internet to tell the truth of the matter.  Some will argue what is real country?  The answer is simple if you don't feel it, live it, understand it and know what I mean then your not country and neither is the music you try to call country music.   If it ain't country then it just ain't country music and all the mixes of other music types into country music should be called something different so that country music could maybe have a chance to return to our lives once again, it is diffently missed by a whole lot of people that the music industry could be serving but has decided not to do.  Maybe someone will come along and shake thing up and start a new outlet to serve this large group of the population, I sure hope so.

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