Monday, January 17, 2011

No Tweeters on your Country Music radio station?

I have listened to a lot of CMR stations recently and unless I'm deaf, I haven't heard any imaging topicals for social media elements. No sweepers or promos for Facebook or Twitter. Still lots of sanctimonious self-promotion for the station websites. Because they have metrics they have to hit and still believe that whipping this white elephant, it might do something. 

Why are there no sweepers and promos for social networking? Are we handling this like selling new songs, we don't. There are some great ideas for imaging social media. I've tossed some up for you to peruse. 


Follow us and we'll follow you - After all one good follow deserves another - Twitter/Country 107.

You'll laugh you *** off when you follow Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert on Twitter, we do too - Twitter/Country 107.

Mike and Mandy on air and on-line, follow them into a brick wall - Twitter/Country 107.


Mike and Mandy are gearing up for St. Jude's Game Day Give Back Parties all over Anytown, Spread the word and let's talk about what your gonna do - Facebook/Country 107.

Join the community conversation from Country 107 on Facebook. We're always listening to your thoughts and comments. Facebook/Country 107.

Valentine's Day Love Shout Outs to the one you love and whatever song you want to dedicate. Our social media cupid is stringing his bow - Facebook/Country 107.

I do not recommend every doing anything other than community, entertainment, information, school closings, traffic problems and general helpful elements on social media. Station liners and asking how your weekend was are just Spam Static with no dimension. This is the difference between a great break on the air and a mediocre generic one.

Keep experimenting with social media and you will find that it follows the cinematics of great radio. You can't just post station liners

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