Saturday, January 29, 2011

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Achieve your goal of self-employment!
Staff Writer, The Career News

EDEN PRAIRIE, MN -- Do you have multiple talents? I'm sure you do! You can probably keep yourself as busy as you want to be. With the right foundation of planning and information gathering, you can easily plan and implement your new career and achieve your goal of self-employment this year.

It used to be possible that if you worked hard and hung in there, then eventually, you'd be recognized for your efforts and rewarded in your career. However for hundreds of thousands of Americans this hasn't been the case for quite some time. And no one is exempt. From entry-level workers on up to middle managers and executives, individuals find themselves missing rungs on their corporate ladder, or worse, downsized.

Job Security is a rare commodity in today's workforce

Indeed, job security is a rare commodity these days. And maybe that's why more and more disillusioned corporate refugees are leaving the 401k fold, opting to put their skills to use by going into business for themselves. The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well. But the reality of it is that start-up businesses require risk. Likely more risk than the average corporate castaway would care to take. And that's why franchise businesses have become popular solutions for many job seekers.

Today, entrepreneurs around the world are discovering that running a franchise from your own office can not only be convenient and enjoyable, but also a smart move financially. In the U.S., over 20 million businesses are run from home-offices. Most Americans consider this kind of business to be legitimate and often times, we envy people who own these businesses. To learn more about running your own business, follow this link.

Many entrepreneurs choose to work from their home

Of course not every business can be run from your house, but with the help of computers and technology, a wide variety of franchises can be. There are many reasons why this is the smart choice for entrepreneurs, people who need supplemental income and for those disillusioned corporate refugees who want something better.

First, the cost of the business could be significantly lower because you will not need signage, interior branding or to buy or lease commercial property.

Second, your overhead will be greatly lowered, putting more cash in your pocket. You will not have to pay real estate fees, including additional taxes. In fact, you might be able to enjoy tax deductions because you are operating a business out of your house.

Third, you'll no longer have to commute to work, lessening wear and mileage on your vehicle and allowing you to spend that typically lost time focusing on family, interests, or putting it back into your business.

Just remember to check out all the rules and regulations in your town and neighborhood before you embark on your journey. Have possible scenarios in your mind for problems that could arise, and think about how you will solve those issues now so you can put all your effort into growing your new business.

A franchise business could be a smart decision for you

Whether you're a parent who desires to own a business while raising children or you're an entrepreneur who's simply conscious of overhead, owning a franchise business could be a smart decision for you.

So if starting a franchise business sounds like it could be your best career move, but you still want more information, then sign up today for your complimentary consultation with a Franchising expert at FranChoice. They're the "Matchmaker" of the franchise business, and there's never a charge for a potential Franchisee. To instantly sign up for your free consultation, just go to FranChoice.

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