Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's Not About Content; It's All About Communication (from Social Media Today)

Google is all about content; Facebook is all about communication.
- Kailash Ambwani CEO of FaceTime Communications
Today I want to share a few articles that I found over last month or so. All these articles talk about non-intuitive observation. They all point to importance of communication, and how enabling communication is really the key to harness the explosive network effect of social network. Contrary to popular belief, they all talk about content, as we know them, is not the king.

From 60 Minutes Interview With Mark Zukerberg: 
LESLEY STAHL: Are you trying to turn everything we do on the web into social function?

MARK ZUKERBERG: I think what we found is that when you can use products with friends and family, people that you care about, they tend to be more engaging.
I think we are going to see this huge shift that a lot of industries and products just going to get remade to be social.
When you think about it, it's rather obvious. Most of things that we do are in context of friends, family and coworkers. We chitchat about how bad the traffic was on the way to work with coworkers, talk about joys of raising a child (and occasional headaches) with your friends and share great cooking tip that you found on the internet with your family.

It's important to find something to talk about (content), but sharing any story (communication), even as banal as talking about how the weather was, is equally or more important as the content itself because it reveals who you are as a person when you communicate.

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