Thursday, January 6, 2011

CMR Stars 0f 2011

Who will they be? John Thomas KYGO, Kevin Callahan KSON, Beverlee Branigan Journal Country Head of Programming, Mike Preston KKWF, Joel Burke KASE/KVET, Mac Daniels KSKS, Dan Persighal WUBL, Becky Brenner KMPS, Mark Anderson WDSY and Bob Barnett Entercom Rochester.  The talent pool is wet and deep. We have some great programmers in place to lead the charge of COUNTRY MUSIC RADIO programming and product development. All of the changes from 2010 will translate into more meter wins, building the brands, coordinating and developing the talent and shaping up the ship.

Let us know who you think is one of the brightest stars in CMR for 2011. Air talent, programmer, manager, it doesn't matter. Share your love for your favorites. Add to the comment section below. 

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