Wednesday, December 22, 2010

When Katy Perry is performing her new song on shows, she's doing it Country!

Katy Perry has performed her latest single “Firework” on everywhere from X Factor to VH1 Divas to the American Music Awards, and the performances have pretty much been the same each time. Big (mostly screechy) vocals, tons of flash, lots of sparks.
Perry decided to give the song a makeover when she paid a visit to The Ellen Show. She toned the pop production down in exchange for a few bluegrass guitar twangs and strings to give the song a country twist. We’re not sure if we care for this reimagining of “Firework.” The song works because the booming production gives the inspirational lyrics a fiery kick. This version just seems drab and depressing when the song is supposed to be uplifting.

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