Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What the locker room wants, do they get it?

I was watching Sports Center and they were talking about the change of coaches in Minnesota. The locker room wanted Childress's head and Frazier as the coach. I have seen this over and over again in radio. The staff wants their own guy. The programmer might be an inventive, creative programmer asking for accountability. The team wants someone who will coddle them and make them feel special. 

This has happened to me in several positions. I lost my job because the staff didn't like me. Not the entire staff, but enough for management to make a change. These same change wanters, later came back to me years later and said we wish you were still here, the station lost traction and sucks. The parallels of pro football and music radio programming are real. I ask each staff member to contribute to the team. This keeps you from nagging and nitpicking. If they have a role in the plan, they need to work at it without reminders. The reminders make you look like a dick boss to them. But, if they refuse to take an active part in the process, then you have problems. Most of the time they will talk to management without you knowing it and paint this picture that you are an evil maniac. 

I told you about the job interview last year, where the market manager wanted me to meet and talk to the staff. I ask him what if the staff is part of your problems, why would I want to talk to them. Managers want harmony, no matter what the ratings and revenue out come. He told the the last programmer was hated by the staff. I know the guy and there is nothing wrong with him. It was the front office who listened to the players. Let's face it we all know their out staff members who like to be challenged and one's who want nothing to change. They just don't want to be challenged and work at perfecting their craft.

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