Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Town to Town, Up and Down The Dial

Remember that great line in The WKRP theme song? We had to make a ton of sacrifices, with our family, friends and life in general. We would move around the country like military families.

I couldn't do that any longer. We have a family base here and that means way more to me than a year or two job. There are a lot of programmers and air talent that come hell or high water still man the U-Haul or follow the Bekins truck across the country. I've moved my family so many times and my kids went to so many schools.

We've given up so much leaving towns to entertain new towns. Working at all of these radio stations with a majority of the employees who are from the town and have never left. What a mismatch, they have no clue what it's like to uproot your family because you've become a victim of the spreadsheet just in time for holidays.

I applaud the folks who still make the trek to Tulsa and Spokane, Albany to Youngstown. Thanks for keeping the wheels turning. 


  1. Chuckie, you are soooo correct! Although I feel like Hank Snow sometimes..."I'VE BEEN EVERYWHERE"! But LOVE this life. And now it's just the two of us, as all our kids our own their own. None of them graduated from the same high school, but they all went to college, something I am very proud of!
    I'm pretty sure (tongue planted firmly in cheek)that I've found a place to work out my radio days in Bozeman MT. Townsquare Media is a great young vibrant company, and XL Country is an incredible station to work on. Living the Dream in Rocky Mountains....

  2. 23 years, 5 states, 11 calls, 7 Markets & two marriages...I hope my wheels have come to a stop now!

  3. I've never been outside of Kansas for Radio! Russell, Great Bend, Dodge City, Hutch and girls, though, are in their second elementary school. Me on the other hand,5 grade schools! My Dad was military!