Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Year's Resolution: Sweat the small stuff...

It's amazing how many radio stations and expressly Country Music Radio stations operate at just a simple performance level, with zero to little attention to detail. Oh sure, the programmers are all busy in department head meetings and talking to record company reps. Somewhere, somehow it's been embedded upon programmers that this is an administrative game and not a creative genre. As long as the time cards are totaled and signed, everything is going to be great. This is a creative game and you need to pull it together to make it happen in 2011.

Everything you can do, to further build your brand and build your community presence will help you with your audience and make some noise with the advertising community. The small stuff is part of that. Pay attention to detail down to the littlest nuisance. Make it a priority to work harder on your creative side this year and don't sweep it into the corner:

  • Develop a plan to work with the talent - Coaching competence.
  • Spend extra time on your imaging components.
  • Spend less time on music matters at your station.
  • Work with the sales staff to develop unique and brand awareness promotions.
  • Find interesting and compelling ways to use social media.
  • Listen to your station and your competitor. 
  • Plan a community builder promotion once per quarter in 2011.
  • Sweat the small stuff.

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