Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Best of FTC 2010

Three C's

Alan Burns uses the three C's in his recent study of what's missing for women in contemporary radio. If we close the gap on the slight distance between what women want from radio and what we are currently offering, we will see more of an attraction verses a nose turning effect for the 25% that think there is a dis-connect. Convenience, Companionship and Community make up the easy comprehend, harder to execute Three C's. We are portable and easy to use, we can go anywhere, making radio a Convenience. Companionship while listeners get ready and drive to work, running errands, outside sales, long trips and of course listening at work. Community, Alan Burns says this is more than just reading PSA's. This is what is missing from radio today. Air talent are just talking heads. They don't relate to the listeners about what is going on in the community. I would always tell my air talent, make a mental note from the buzz, the paper, local television news, there is always three things going on you can talk about over a record intro.

Burns from All Access: One of the things that struck me while going through this data is the importance of radio's community function -- and by that I don’t mean reading PSAs. While people usually listen when they’re alone, that listening connects them to lots of people: the personalities on the station, the callers to the station, the listeners who share the station’s values, and all the people who like the songs the station plays. Personalities are important, finding out what’s going on in the relevant circle of people, hearing what other people are saying and doing, and finding out what’s popular, are all elements of that community function. And the stations that serve that best will have a huge advantage....not only versus other radio stations, but over iPods and music streams as well. You may be able to find your favorite song on your iPod, but you can’t hook into your community on one. 

Generic talent and out of market voice tracking has killed the ability for stations to communicate Community. If we comprehend the research and actually take it to an action plan, we can create and execute radio
that relates to the women who listen and love radio.

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