Thursday, November 11, 2010

Miranda - Me and Chuck Talking

Thanks to Buffy Cooper in 2005 for introducing me to Miranda Lambert. At KZSN Wichita, we played Me and Charlie Talking and then Kerosene. I ask Buffy if we could get her to play our monthly concert at a boots and belt buckle Country bar called SAM'S PLACE. Thank you Buck Owens. She said done, but can you get a group of folks together to do load out. Done, we got their early and met Miranda, the band and her dad Rick. They were awesome. What a show, I knew there was something here. From her showcase in Austin to this event and she was on her way to do her first CMA appearance after this show in Wichita.

When I got to Fresno in early 2006, she opened for George Strait and I ran into Buffy, she told me Miranda and Rick wanted to say hello, so I went backstage (folks that know me, know I am not a big concert or steak and stars fan). They were awesome again. Stars in the making that have been rewarded with the Cadillac of the industry, CMA Awards. 


  1. I hate to rain on someones parade but awards use to mean something. It means youve reached the top in your field. To compare Miranda to other artist out there is sacrilegious to the tradition of country music. At best she is a second stringer currently. This does not mean she cant be in the days ahead. Performance on the charts, concert totals, and cd sales are what use to matter. New artist Zac Brown???? dont get me started on that since when is a 2008 hit artist new in 2010

  2. Look at the entire awards, non-superstar artists won.